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How to Have a Hoppy Easter: Fun Activities for Kids

Find several Easter activities for kids that they’ll love (and many of them sneakily incorporate some learning elements as well!). 

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The chaos of the holidays has shifted to the chaos of everyday life, the Christmas tree is finally put away, the decorations back in the closet and out of my living room for another year, and here I am planning for Easter. 

And it’s only February. 

With Easter just around the corner, my memories turn to the years our girls eagerly hunted for Easter baskets and hidden eggs. Our eggs were always the plastic ones filled with a few pieces of candy. With the girls close in age, there wasn’t a problem with one finding all the eggs. They just shared when they were done so each one had the same amount. If your littles don’t like the idea of sharing, try color-coded eggs so each child has to find their own color.

My girls would have squealed with delight at seeing the Easter Bunny’s footprints. Unfortunately, I never knew of this cute option back then. Cut a bunny footprint out of a paper plate, place it where the bunny would go (throughout your home or yard) and sprinkle baby powder (if you want it to last longer) or flour or powdered sugar on the plate. Placing the paper plate right side up keeps the powder from falling off the edges and keeps the footprint nice and clean. Think like a bunny. How would he hop to get across the yard?

Here are some other Easter activities kids will love (and many of them sneakily incorporate some learning elements as well!). 

Arts and Crafts Easter Activities for Kids

Easter eggs: 

We always dyed Easter eggs prior to Easter but some families decorate them on Easter Sunday.

This tradition comes from the legend that Mary brought eggs to the crucifixion and the blood from Jesus’ wounds fell on the eggs turning them red. Another version states Mary Magdalene brought a basket of cooked eggs to share with the other women at the tomb on the third day after his death. When they rolled away the stone and found the tomb empty, the eggs turned red. These are only two of the several variations on the story surrounding the reason we dye eggs to celebrate Easter.

When the girls were little and we didn’t want to deal with the mess of vinegar dyes, we used stickers, adhesive gems, and crayons. The girls had a blast making amazing “kreations” and I breathed a sigh of relief with the less-stress, less-mess option.

A little girl holding up an egg she decorated as a fun Easter activity for kids.

Easter bonnets:

I loved doing arts and crafts with my girls and wish I had heard about the idea of DIY Easter bonnets back then. Put out paper plates, tissue paper, used toilet paper rolls, artificial flowers, and whatever else you would like and let your imagination run wild as you all try to “kreate” a special Easter bonnet. You could even have a parade in the neighborhood to show off everyone’s creative talents.

Coloring contest:

If crafting isn’t within your comfort zone, how about a coloring contest? Download some Easter coloring printables, give everyone the same page and let them color as they wish. Awards for the “best use of scribbles’ and “best orange bunny” allow everyone to be rewarded for their attempts at creating beauty. 

Easter Games for Kids

Get the printable bundle of Easter activities for kids which includes bingo, word search, word scramble, scavenger hunt, and bunny hop all in one convenient package. 

Samples of sheets included in the free printable Easter activity sheets for kids by Kidderbug Kreations.

Easter bingo: 

Download and print the 5 bingo cards and call list for your own bingo session. Even non-readers will enjoy playing. Use jellybeans, M&Ms, or coins to cover up the photos until someone calls BINGO.

Easter word search:

Print the cross-shaped word search and have a contest to see who can find all the hidden Easter words the quickest. Winner gets a special prize or bragging rights for the day. 

Easter word scramble:

Print out copies for everyone and unjumble the Easter-related words. Great way to occupy kids while you’re getting food on the table.

Easter egg hunt: 

Some of you are lucky to be able to have Easter egg hunts outdoors, but in North Dakota, there’s often still snow on the ground at Easter. Our egg hunts were always inside. Some years it took some intense searching to find all the eggs. Thankfully the Easter bunny wrote down how many he’d hidden. 

Easter basket scavenger hunt: 

Easter baskets at our house were always filled with fun, useful gifts that encouraged our girls’ imagination. If you’re looking for non-candy Easter basket fillers, check out Kidderbug Kreations. We have several imaginative play items, hooded towels, and reading pillows that are perfect Easter gift ideas. 

We often played hot/cold with them as they searched for their Easter baskets, but this scavenger hunt printable would have been fun and we could have incorporated some teachings on the real meaning of Easter as well. 

Easter egg toss:

Use this as just plain fun or practice some math skills along the way. 

How to play:

  • Take 6 plastic cups and tape them together with sturdy tape. You can put them in a bucket or box if you want, just make sure they aren’t going to tip over.
  • Write the numbers 1-6 on dot stickers and place one in the bottom of each cup. 
  • Put a line with painter’s tape on the floor for how far away from the cups you want your child to stand. 
  • Give him a plastic Easter egg and let him toss it into a cup. 
  • Have him see what number is inside the cup where the egg landed. 
  • Let him throw the egg a second time.
  • See what number is inside that cup.
  • Now have him add the 2 numbers together. That’s how many “points” he’s earned. 

Colored bunny hop:

Print the colored bunnies and place them around the floor. Have your little one “hop” from one to another as you call out which color they should go to next. A fun way to practice colors while burning off some energy.

Whatever fun Easter activities you chose to do with your kiddos, I hope you’re able to enjoy the holiday and make plenty of lasting memories.

We are an Easter people and hallelujah is our song.

Anne from Kidderbug Kreations

How to Have a Hoppy Easter: Fun Activities for KidsHow to Have a Hoppy Easter: Fun Activities for Kids

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