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Gifts from the heart-Unique handcrafted gifts tailored to your special someone. Click on the shop link to view my kreations.



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Creative Gifts

Creative Gifts

A lot of the children’s activities not only provide entertainment for your child, but they encourage imaginative play, decrease screen time and can help with fine motor coordination and other learning skills. Be sure to check out our new boredom buster box that will provide activities to entertain your child while traveling, waiting for appointments or on rainy days.

How to Keep Your Sanity When Traveling With Kids

Back in the dark ages, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I still had small children, we didn’t have the selection of electronics that are available now to entertain children on long road trips or plane rides.  We used other activities to keep them from annoying each other and constantly asking, “Are we there yet?”  Some of my favorite activities to do with them were...



Solve Your Gift Giving Dilemma

Another holiday is coming up and you’re dreading the thought of going to a store to buy gifts.  I can help.

First, take a deep breath.  Grab yourself something to drink and let me give you some suggestions for a wonderful, unique, handcrafted item your loved one will love!