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How to Have a Hoppy Easter

The chaos of the holidays has shifted to the chaos of everyday life, the Christmas tree is finally put away, the decorations back in the closet and out of my living room for another year, and here I am planning for Easter.

And it’s only February.

Crafters are always a holiday ahead – planning, making, shipping – it all takes time. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I love hearing how one of my “kreations” made an ordinary day extra special or a holiday memorable.

With Easter just around the corner, my memories turn to the years our children loved searching for Easter baskets and hidden eggs. Our eggs were always the plastic ones filled with a few pieces of candy. Since the girls were close in age, there wasn’t a problem with one child finding all the eggs. At the end, we had them share so they had equal amounts and that worked well for us. If it hadn’t, we would have done color-coded eggs so each child had to find their own color.

Easter baskets at our house were always filled with fun, useful gifts that encouraged our children’s imagination. Of course, the Easter bunny hid a few eggs with candy but the main basket provided entertainment rather than sugar. The girls eagerly searched for the hidden eggs but preferred the baskets to the candy. Which is a good thing, because then the Easter bunny didn’t have to hide many eggs. I was always grateful he wrote down how many he had hidden so we knew if the girls had found them all. Some years it took some intense searching to find those last few. Did you know that the Easter basket tradition dates back years to when children who wanted the bunny to stop by were encouraged to make nests for him and these nests transitioned into baskets over time?

Easter always meant a new outfit when I was little. According to some legends, wearing new clothes on Easter meant good luck the rest of the year. I didn’t know about the legend and we chose not to continue that tradition with our girls but we still dressed up for Easter Sunday mass. There’s something special about finally getting to wear spring clothes after a long cold winter, although there certainly have been plenty of wintery Easters here in ND. We even had a blizzard on Mother’s Day one year. After those long, cold, dreary months that stretched on for eternity, I look forward to the warm sunshine, green grass and new signs of life.

Easter most of all reminds me of that new life. Jesus rising from the dark, dreary grave to the warm sunshine and bringing us to new life in Him.

After mass, we would gather at my grandparents’ house for a delicious home-cooked meal. Ham was our traditional food but since I’m not really a fan of ham, Grami made sure there was turkey for me. Grami was the personification of Christ working through human hands. Always making sure others were well fed, taken care of, and loved, she was truly a remarkable woman. Ham apparently has been the traditional meal since hunters slaughtered hogs in the fall and left them to cure all winter. By spring, pork was one of the only meats ready for a spring celebration.

We always dyed Easter eggs prior to Easter Sunday but some families decorate them on Easter. This tradition comes from the legend that Mary brought eggs to the crucifixion and the blood from Jesus’ wounds fell on the eggs turning them red. Another version states Mary Magdalene brought a basket of cooked eggs to share with the other women at the tomb on the third day after his death. When they rolled away the stone and found the tomb empty, the eggs turned red. These are only two of the several variations on the story surrounding the reason we dye eggs to celebrate Easter.

When the girls were little and we didn’t want to deal with the mess of vinegar dyes, we used stickers, adhesive gems, and crayons. The girls had a blast making amazing “kreations” and I breathed a sigh of relief with the less-stress, less-mess option.

I loved doing arts and crafts with my girls and wish I had heard the idea of DIY Easter bonnets back then. Put out paper plates, tissue paper, used toilet paper rolls, artificial flowers and whatever else you would like and let your imagination run wild as you all try to “kreate” a special Easter bonnet. You could even have a parade in the neighborhood to show off everyone’s creative talents.

If crafting isn’t within your comfort zone, how about an Easter pinata or a coloring contest? Everyone gets the same photo and colors as they wish. Awards for the “best use of scribbles’ and “best orange bunny” allow everyone to be rewarded for their attempts at creating beauty.

My girls would have squealed with delight at seeing the Easter Bunny’s footprints. Unfortunately, I never knew of this cute option back then. Cut a bunny footprint out of a paper plate, place it where the bunny would go and sprinkle baby powder (if you want it to last longer) or flour or powdered sugar on the plate. Placing the paper plate right side up keeps the powder from falling off the edges and keeps the footprint nice and clean. Think like a bunny. How would he hop to get across the yard?

Whatever your Easter traditions are, I hope you are able to enjoy the holiday with family and friends and make plenty of new memories. I am always happy to help you find the perfect gift for your celebration. You can find lots of great items for your Easter baskets at Kidderbug Kreations. Please contact me with any questions.

Anne from Kidderbug Kreations

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