3 Healthy Lunch Recipes

To finish out our series on meals, I wanted to share 3 of my favorite lunchtime recipes with you.  When we do craft shows, we need quick easy meals that can be prepared ahead of time and that don’t require a microwave to heat up.

1.    Arby’s Grilled Chicken & Pecan Salad (Copycat)-

I have always enjoyed Arby’s chicken and pecan salad but wanted a healthier version that I could make at home.  This is absolutely one of my favorite lunch recipes.  It tastes just like the real thing.  The recipe is enough for 8-10 sandwiches, so we cut it in half and it works perfectly. http://www.mindyscookingobsession.com/arbys-grilled-chicken-pecan-salad-copycat/

2.    Simple Spinach and Strawberry Salad-

With spring coming and hopefully better prices on strawberries, I hope to be able to start making this again.  It’s a great salad for the summer.  I substitute extra virgin olive oil for the canola oil.  Since I usually need some extra protein, I will add in a little bit of chicken or turkey to this and it tastes wonderful.


3.    Healthy Egg Salad-

This is another quick recipe that we prepare the night before and it’s all ready to go the next day.


I hope you have enjoyed getting some new recipes for your meals.  Enjoy!


Kidderbug Kreations