5 Sympathy Gift Suggestions for Someone That Has Lost a Loved One

Losing someone you love is never easy, and we all grieve and are comforted in our own way. When I lost 4 close family members in just over 3 years, my world was turned upside down. I desperately wanted something to hold onto, something to hold and hug because I couldn’t hug them anymore. I began creating items to help others through their grief.

Here are 5 suggestions for giftable hugs to remember loved ones we’ve lost.

1.      Memory Pillow – made from the clothing of a loved one, a custom pillow provides comfort and reassurance your family member is still near.


2.      Memorial Bear – a super soft bear that can include the clothing of your loved one for an extra special touch.


3.      Memory Bear with Clothing from Your Loved One –Teddy Bears make everyone feel better and this bear is made with super soft fabric that is oh, so cuddly. Dolled up with a little dress from mom or grandma to add the perfect touch for a truly memorable gift.


4.      Large Memory Bear – another version of a Teddy Bear, but this one is made entirely from clothing of the loved one, preferably a long-sleeved adult shirt. It’s a great way to see that favorite shirt that Dad or Grandpa used to wear.


5.     1.      Custom made quilts* - created with t-shirts or jeans of the family member for another great way to use the clothes and create a lasting memory item. For more information on custom quilts, please contact Kidderbug Kreations.

I hope this helps provide some ideas for sympathy gifts to give comfort during a difficult time.  If you would like more resources on helping others after a loss, check out


Please visit Kidderbug Kreations for other ways to celebrate the life of your loved one and keep their memories alive in your home. I extend my sympathies and prayers to all that have suffered a loss. May you find comfort and peace in remembering the love you shared.


Anne from Kidderbug Kreations