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Understanding the Love Language of Receiving Gifts

If the whole idea of receiving gifts as a love language makes your head spin and you’re wondering if they’re just being materialistic,

the answer is an emphatic No!!

To them, a perfect gift shows they are understood, cared for and prized above whatever was sacrificed to get the gift. They thrive on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift. When they see what you lovingly picked out, they see the time you spent picking it out, the money that was earned to purchase it and the thoughtfulness you have wanting to see their reaction to that perfect gift. It’s a visible symbol of love.

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Simple Moments Make Great Memories

Christmas is a time of great joy and a time of deep sadness. Balancing the two is the challenge.

I’m so blessed to have a wonderful family and that we were able to celebrate together again this year. Now that my girls are grown, I can no longer take for granted that we will be able to celebrate the holidays together and I cherish every moment we have with one another.

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It’s All About the Memories

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. The twinkly lights, spending time with family, and Papa’s peanut butter fingers. What could be better?

I eagerly awaited the day after Thanksgiving so we could pull out the tree and take a trip down memory lane as I hung each ornament. After the lights went up, my favorite place to be was under the tree by the manger looking up at all the sparkly lights while Christmas music played in the background soothing my soul.

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7 Unusual August Holidays

As I was trying to decide what to write for this month, I found an article about holidays in August.  I had no idea these days existed.

- August 1st is National Girlfriends Day. It honors women who are there for their lady friends.  What a great excuse to get together with your girlfriends for some fun and laughs. I might just have to schedule some much-needed girlfriend time!

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