Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

Christmas was always my favorite holiday of the year.  I looked forward to the day after Thanksgiving so we could put up the tree and decorate it with ornaments collected over the years.  I enjoyed lying under the tree and looking up at the lights.

 I thought it would be fun to look at the origins of some Christmas traditions.

Christmas tree- the fir tree is an evergreen which doesn’t die or lose its needles in the winter so it has come to represent the immortality of the resurrected Christ.

Meanings of Christian Symbols and Traditions- this website explains the Christian meaning of Christmas symbols and has Christmas Prayers.

This was a wonderful blogpost on Christmas Traditions.  We did many of these things with our kids when they were little.

Take time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the season.  Celebrate old traditions and create new ones.

Merry Christmas everyone,


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