How to Encourage Imagination with Creativity

Imaginative play instead of screen time

Every child has eagerly counted down the days till summer vacation.

And every parent has just as eagerly counted the days until school begins again.

The anticipation of freedom from classes turns to the enjoyment of summer swimming lessons, camps, and soccer games...which turns to boredom in August when all of the activities have wrapped up.

Then come the dreaded words….

“I’m bored!”

Trying to limit screen time, you run through the list of options only to hear, “I’m tired of that,” or, “that’s boring.”

Luckily, you remember Kidderbug Kreations and their fun selection of imaginative play items.

Pull out a set of superhero finger puppets and encourage your child to create a story using funny voices; or, tell them a story and have your kiddo act it out using the puppets. Not only will you encourage the use of their imagination but they will practice fine and gross motor skills as well as speaking skills.

Get more practice with fine motor skills using non-paper dolls. All the fun of paper dolls but since they’re made of felt, you get the benefit of no ripping. Your little one will be able to attach the clothes with the attached velcro and spend hours creating stories. You can also help them with comprehension by reading a story and having them act it out with the dolls.

Does your child enjoy playing dress up? Give them a mask and let their imagination run wild. They’ll improve their gross motor skills as they fly around the room like a superhero or become a dinosaur roaming around.

For the budding artist, prolific writer, or avid doodler, a crayon buddy will allow your little one to keep crayons and a notebook contained and easily accessible. No drawing on the walls or sofa when a buddy’s at hand.

The easiest way to have a variety of these entertaining activities on hand is to get the boredom buster box. Filled with a selection of unique, quality, handcrafted items, you’ll be able to offer your kiddo options and help solve the “I’m bored” dilemma. 

All items are helpful for passing time at restaurants, at doctor’s offices, and on rainy days.

The entertainment is only limited by your child’s imagination.