How to Keep Memories Alive Through Customized Sympathy Gifts

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Losing a family member is one of, if not the most difficult thing we ever experience. The grief journey is different for everyone and there’s certainly no right way to grieve.

For those who find comfort in holding something that once belonged to the beloved departed, Kidderbug Kreations offers a wide variety of items handcrafted with love and prayers.

A teddy bear made from grandpa’s favorite shirt can provide a comforting hug for the little one who misses grandpa.

Memory items made from clothing of a loved one.

Use Dad’s shirts to have a custom pillow made for all the family members this Christmas. It’ll be a holiday filled with happy tears as you gather and remember the time spent together.

Memorial Pillow from clothing of loved one

Several years ago, Lisa contacted me after her dad passed away. She wanted pillows made from his shirts. Although it wasn’t the same as hugging her dad, they did provide comfort. When her mom passed away, she was tasked with contacting me to make pillows for all the siblings and grandkids. They knew the power of a hug and wanted all the members to have their own special reminder of Mom and Grandma’s love. Everyone picked out their favorite shirt, one that was connected to special memories, and a custom gift was made for each one.

After Judy, one of the sisters, received hers, she sent me a note.

“Thank you so much. They are beautiful. Love them so much. Thanks for all the work and love you put into them.”

It’s music to my ears to hear I was able to help preserve precious memories through a tangible gift they can hold and receive comfort through.

Losing a parent is heartbreaking.

But there are no words to describe the pain of losing a child.

Going home from the hospital after a stillbirth and not being able to hold your precious little one leaves an ache in your arms as well as your heart.

A teddy bear weighted to the weight of your little angel can be a treasured keepsake that gives you hugs from Heaven while still here on Earth.

If your child passed away after birth, having a teddy bear made from their clothing can be a comforting treasure for siblings and parents alike.


After your loved one has passed away, it’s normal to be concerned about turning over their clothing to someone you don’t know. Be assured that all of the clothing I receive is treated with the greatest care - as if it were my own mom’s.

Because of my own experience of losing four family members in just over three years, I know how much comfort these items can bring.

The power of a hug, even from a pillow, can ease the ache in your arms and heart. I consider it a great honor to be part of your journey through this difficult time.

If you’ve lost someone this year and would like a sympathy gift for yourself or surviving family members, you can order on the website or contact me for custom work.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.