Until I See You Again Memorial

Until I See You Again Memorial

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For mom's whose babies are in Heaven, this design can be made into a blankie or a pillow.  Both allow mom to hold something here on Earth while Jesus holds their baby.  The blankie version has the design embroidered on a flannel square approximately 18 inches by 18 inches and backed with minky (super soft fabric).  The pillow version is sewn to fit an 18 inch pillow form.  I sell these with or without the pillow form.  The pillow case is completely finished and has overlapping pieces of fabric so you can easily insert your own 18 inch pillow form.  There is no sewing involved once you receive this.  You can purchase an 18 inch pillow form at Walmart, Target, Joann's or many other stores.  Selling without the pillow form, saves you on shipping charges.  If you would like this sent as a gift directly to someone and would like me to include a pillow form, please contact me for adjusted pricing.

This item is suitable for non infants as well and would look lovely framed.  Please contact me for pricing on having this framed.

Please note that this is a custom made item.  It is not ready to ship and will take up to 2 weeks for production, not including shipping time.

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