Memory pillow

Memory pillow


This is a 14inch by 14 inch pillow custom made from the shirt of your loved one.  The poem can have any signature.  The shirt is sewn around the pillow form so this listing does include the pillow.  Once made, the shirt isn't removable from the pillow.  It is not a pillowcase.
This works best with a button down shirt with a pocket on one side (preferably without a button or snap closure on the pocket) however any shirt that is not overly worn will work.

Please be sure the shirt is clean and has been washed.  Once you order, I will give you an address to be able to mail me the shirt.  Once I have the shirt, production will take 1-2 weeks and then be shipped.  

If you would like me to do the embroidery in a specific color, please indicate this in the comments otherwise I will choose a complimentary color.  Please tell me who you want for the signature such as Dad, Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Joe or Aunt Sally.



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