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Behind the Scenes Reasons Handmade is Worth More

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You want the perfect gift to express your love. One that will provide great joy when you give it and elicit a huge smile from the recipient. Wanting something more meaningful than a mass-produced item from the local big box store, you look for a handcrafted item. But wait. It’s more expensive. Why pay more for something handmade?

Buying Handmade Supports the Economy

Mass production means buying in bulk which forces the lowering of prices, especially in the production of raw materials. This means large companies can make more profit, but it also means many people worldwide are forced into jobs with little pay. As a result, the wealthier nations end up subsidizing poorer countries. That money comes from you – just not at the time of your purchase. So when you look at that dollar store item, it’s not a bargain.

Buying handmade supports local people. The revenue stays within the USA, taxes are paid, and the overall impact on our economy is huge. Small businesses typically use other small businesses as suppliers, which further helps the economy.

Buying Handcrafted Supports the Environment

Mass-produced items are often thought of as, or truly are, “throw away” items.  We live in a culture where if it’s broken, we throw it out rather than fix it. It’s become so prevalent that we now throw away things that are still usable as we want the latest version, the next best thing…to be noticed. What we fail to notice is our landfills growing higher and higher.

Handmade has no need for an upgrade – it’s perfect already. Crafters take their work seriously so you’ll get a product that will last. You’ll have the detail and personality in a handmade item that’s hard for a machine to reproduce.

No need to worry about keeping up with the Joneses, as a handcrafted item is unique. Even when it’s made more than once, each one will be slightly different than the next, ensuring no one will be giving the same gift you do. When you own a handcrafted item, then only you own it and over 7 billion people will never get to have it because it belongs to you. Each handmade item is as unique as each person in the world.

Buying Handmade Has Perks

You’ll get better service while connecting personally with the product’s maker. You can have your item created to specifically meet your needs and personality. Have it personalized, change a color or size, and receive prompt replies to questions when you deal with an individual maker. You can’t do this at a big box store.

Not to mention that buying handmade often doesn’t require fighting for a parking space, having your ears pierced by blaring music, walking around in a daze under fluorescent lights, fighting to push a shopping cart with one bad wheel, or having a cashier you don’t know ask for your phone number and zip code.

Buying Handcrafted is About People

It’s about the time and effort that goes into every piece of work the artisan makes. It’s about the skill of each artisan and the magic of an individual’s imagination. When you purchase a handcrafted item, you are supporting the artisan directly. There’s no middle man. You’re supporting the hard work and creativity of the artisan, not a corporation.

If you’re still not convinced that paying for handcrafted is worth the higher price tag, consider:

  • Buying handmade is a win-win situation. You enrich your life with beautiful handmade goods, and you enable an artist to continue following their creative dreams.

  • Buying handmade shows our children that not everything needs to be mass-produced. It teaches them to love and appreciate the unique and inspires them to do their own creating as well.

  • Buying handmade puts humanity back in our lives. You’ve carefully chosen something you love, that was created with love, and will be received and cherished with love.

When you want the perfect handcrafted gift to express your love, order from Kidderbug Kreations, where everything is personally made with love by the artisan/owner.


Behind the Scenes Reasons Handmade is Worth More
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