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Handcrafted Boredom Buster Box

With the Hand Crafted Boredom Buster Box, you can inspire a child’s imaginative play and create hours of entertainment for car trips, rainy days, and any other inevitable “I’m bored” moments. Imagine the look of surprise and delight on your little one’s face when they open their boredom buster box!

Each boredom buster box comes with 2-3 handcrafted items lovingly chosen from the following categories:

  • Finger Puppet Collection: Adorable and imaginative handcrafted finger puppets made of felt in all the characters your little ones love, from superheroes and animals to firemen and police.

  • Non-Paper Dolls: Similar to the paper dolls we used to know, but these durable non-paper dolls are made of felt and come with one change of outfit.

  • Masks: Fun felt masks in various superheroes, animals, and beloved characters that will inspire your little one’s imaginative play ideas.

  • Coloring Buddy: A portable felt coloring station that comes with crayons and a notebook. A unique “coloring buddy” peeks over the top to join your little one as they explore their creativity.

  • Dry Erase Coloring Book: A creative activity your little ones can come back to again and again. Our handcrafted dry erase coloring book is made of felt and covered with clear vinyl, so that kids can color and erase, exploring limitless creative possibilities.  Each dry erase coloring book comes with two dry erase markers to get you started.

Filled with imagination activities for kids to decrease screen time and encourage creativity for kids. Imaginative play provides fun motor skills activities, improves social skills for kids, and enhances your kids self esteem. Looking for things to do with kids? Shop kidderbugkreations.com for lots of imaginative play activities. #kidderbugkreations #handcrafted #giftidea #personalized #customgifts



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