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Memory Pillow from Collared Shirts

Having something to hold that’s made from the clothing of your loved one can ease the heartache after a loss. This 14 x 14 inch memory pillow is lovingly created with a shirt your family member used to wear.

This sympathy pillow is made using a shirt with a collar. (If you have T-shirts please see Memory Pillow) Please be sure the shirt is clean and has been washed.

A tie can be attached for a small additional fee.

After the order is placed, you will receive an address to mail your shirt.  Once the shirt is received, production takes 1-2 weeks and then will be shipped back to you as a complete pillow.

This memory pillow from shirts is the perfect handcrafted gift idea to remember a loved one who passed away. A great gift idea for a child who lost grandparent, gifts for parent who lost a child, and gifts for child who lost a parent. Shop kidderbugkreations.com for loss of a loved one gift ideas. #kidderbugkreations #handcrafted #giftidea #personalized #customgifts memory pillow sayings, memory bears


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