The Artist/Creator


Your child enjoys creating and making things. He would have fun playing with crayon buddies, coloring pages, and any arts and crafts items.

The Artist/Collector

Encouraging your child in the arts may be difficult, especially if you don't feel talented in that area.  Here are some ways to develop those artistic skills.

1. Kids Drawing - How to Encourage Creativity, Skills, and Confidence has some practical advice on how to prevent your child from thinking they can't draw.

2. 5 Inspiring Ways You Can Encourage Your Child's Creative Talents shows ways to help with creativity in general, not just art.

3. 10 Ways to Encourage Young Children in Artistic Expression helps stimulate imagination and healthy development.

4. Super-Frugal Ways to Encourage Your Child's Artistic Ability - when you want to encourage your child in their pursuit of art but can't afford classes, here are some great ideas.

5. 10 Great Ways to Encourage Your Gifted Young Artist has some helpful suggestions for parents with a budding artist.

Be sure to check out all the fun imaginative play activities available at Kidderbug Kreations that can help encourage your child to develop their artistic skills and creativity. Crayon holders and coloring bags are great ways to encourage your child's artistic skills and are available at Kidderbug Kreations.