The Collector


Your child enjoys gathering interesting collections of objects and experiences. Encourage your child to find one or two areas of interest and then collect items related to that topic. Examples would be stamps, rocks, or anything else that interests your child.

The Collector

Encouraging a collector can be tough, especially if you are a minimalist.  Try to narrow down their interests and have a space that is all their own in which to explore their collection.  Here are some resources that may help.

1. What Kids Learn From Collecting explains why it's important to allow children to collect things.

2. Why Kids Love to Collect Stuff explains why encouraging collecting is a good thing.

3. 5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Collect Stamps - although this talks about stamp collecting, many of the benefits extend to other collections as well.

4. Inspiring Young Collectors: 5 Ways to Get Kids Involved Collecting Coins - parents that collected coins when they were younger may appreciate these tips for sharing that passion with their children.

5. Is My Child a Hoarder? - rest assured that collecting things is a normal part of childhood development.

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