The Director


Your child enjoys planning events and loves organization. Give her opportunities to plan games with friends and organize small "events."

The Director

Being a good leader is a valuable skill.  Help your child learn how to develop that skill further.

1. I Can Be a Leader! Leadership Fun for Children gives some suggestions for ways you can help your child develop leadership skills.

2. How to Teach Kids Leadership Skills has some practical suggestions for how to help your child in this area.

3.  Have her plan small activities that are age appropriate.  For instance, a kindergartner could plan a small party for 2-3 other children.  Provide prompts if necessary to cover all the details of when, where, who, and of course, don't forget the food.

4. Involve your child in planning family activities.  Where should we go on our next vacation?  What will we do there?  What do we need to bring?

5. Avoid calling her "bossy."  Encourage that leadership style and help her learn how to be a compassionate leader.

Be sure to check out all the fun imaginative play activities available at Kidderbug Kreations that can help encourage your child to develop their play personality.   Finger puppets, masks,  and non-paper dolls (like paper dolls but made of felt) can give your child some fun props to use during her parties and are available at Kidderbug Kreations.