The Joker


Your child loves to joke and make others laugh. Encourage your child to tell stories in different voices and help them learn age appropriate jokes. Be spontaneous, playful, and aware of what your child finds funny at different ages. Also, be nice enough to laugh at the jokes, even the bad ones.

The Joker

A sense of humor makes life fun and helps us get through life's challenges.  Here are some great resources that can help you encourage your child to develop his sense of humor

1. Encouraging Your Child's Sense of Humor by Kid's Health - They have an amazing selection of articles on this topic and even provide a breakdown of what's funny for kids of different ages.

2. 60 Jokes to Make Kids Laugh has some jokes that your child would enjoy.

3. 14 Jokes That Will Actually Make You Laugh has jokes for ages 7-10

4. 11 Ways to Encourage Your Child's Sense of Humor by Scholastic Parents

5. Developing a Sense of Humor in Children talks about how humor develops across different ages and gives tips on how to help develop that sense of humor.

Be sure to check out all the fun imaginative play activities available at Kidderbug Kreations that can help encourage your child to develop their play personality.  Finger puppets, masks,  and non-paper dolls (like paper dolls but made of felt) can give your child some fun props to use when developing their sense of humor and are available at Kidderbug Kreations.