The Storyteller


Your child enjoys using his imagination to tell stories. Give him opportunities with finger puppets, masks, and capes, as well as making sure you take the time to listen to him.

The Storyteller

Encouraging your child to develop his storytelling abilities will help him develop skills that will last a lifetime.  Here are some resources to help you encourage his play personality.

1. 5 Inspiring Ways You Can Encourage Your Child's Creative Talents shows ways to help with creativity in general, not just storytelling.

2. Helping Your Child Develop Storytelling Skills has some practical advice on how parents can help develop this skill in their child.

3. Simple Ways to Encourage Storytelling gives some activities to do with your storytelling child.

4. Tell Me a Story: 6 Ways to Improve Your Preschooler's Storytelling - these techniques can apply to other ages as well.

5. How to Teach Your Child Storytelling gives some advice for how to nurture a skill with lifelong benefits.

Be sure to check out all the fun imaginative play activities available at Kidderbug Kreations that can help encourage your child to develop their storytelling capabilities.  Finger puppets, masks,  and non-paper dolls (like paper dolls but made of felt) can give your child some fun props to use when making up their stories and are available at Kidderbug Kreations.