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Top 5 Gifts for Your Granddaughter

Find our top 5 gifts for your granddaughter when you want a gift that’s as special as she is.

Originally written in 2018 and updated Feb. 2020

Imagine watching your granddaughter as she excitedly tears the shiny pink wrapping paper off your latest gift because she knows that grandma always gets her the perfect gift.

It can be hard to find gifts like this – gifts that deepen your bond with your granddaughter. You want a gift that lets her know how much she means to you. 

But how will you find that perfect gift?

The good news is you don’t need to spend hours researching every possible gift for girls under ten.

You’re guaranteed to find at least one gift on this list that will elicit squeals of delight, a little happy dance, and even a sloppy, wet kiss on the cheek!

 Custom birth announcement pillow

Always remember the day your granddaughter entered the world with an elephant or butterfly personalized birth announcement pillow. It’s a unique gift guaranteed to make mom smile and bring your granddaughter joy. The personalization with baby’s name and birth statistics embroidered on the 3D ears or wings makes this cute gift even more adorable. Since the pillowcase is removable for washing, your granddaughter can use and play with it whenever she wants. It doesn’t need to just sit on the shelf collecting dust. This will be a treasured keepsake everyone will love. Imagine her bringing it when she comes for a sleepover. You two can cuddle while telling her the story of the day she was born and how loved she truly is.

Elephant Birth Announcement Pillow
Butterfly Birth Announcement Pillow

Hooded towel gifts for your granddaughter

Avoid the long drawn out battles that ended in tears, often yours, as you struggled to get your kiddo out of the water while they begged for just a few more minutes. Help mom stress less by having a hooded towel to offer your precious granddaughter. With so many designs to choose from, these will take your granddaughter from infancy up to her tween years. Just think of all the memories you can make together at the lake, pool, or even helping with bathtime.

Little girl wearing an aqua hooded towel with a yellow duck embroidered on the hood.
A little girl in her swimsuit wrapped in a purple hooded towel embroidered with a unicorn face on the hood.

Reading pillows

Start a new tradition with your granddaughter and encourage a lifelong love of reading.  Purchase a reading pillow and put an age-appropriate book inside the pocket.  Every year purchase a new book and read to her until she’s old enough to start reading to you.  Even if you live miles apart, you can still do this thanks to all the available technology. Imagine all the great adventures you two will have and the memories you’ll create as you explore the world through books.

Grandma holding her granddaughter as they gaze into each other's eyes after the girl opened her dinosaur hooded towel gift.

Imaginative play items

Looking for ways to encourage your granddaughter’s imagination and decrease screen time? Imaginative play has so many benefits and there are lots of options available – finger puppets, masks, non-paper dolls. (Remember how you played with paper dolls?  These are just as fun, but they’re made of felt and don’t rip!) 

A gift your preschool-aged granddaughter will squeal over is the Boredom Buster Box. Filled with fun activities sure to entertain her, you can share your memories with her and make new ones as you play together.

Imaginative play in action with a little girl using finger puppets to explore her imagination.
Imaginative play in action with a little girl delighted with her boredom buster box from Kidderbug Kreations.
Imaginative play in action with a little girl holding a felt mask up to her face.

Personalized custom gift for your granddaughter

Give her something that you picked out especially for her and has her name on it or a saying that has special meaning for the two of you.  She will love it and all three of you can have many adventures together. What a wonderful Easter, Christmas, or birthday gift idea for your granddaughter.

"Cute as a Bug" personalized ladybug
"Who Needs Santa, I Have Grandma" Stuffed Reindeer

Other gifts for your granddaughter are available at Kidderbug Kreations as well. If you would like to discuss a custom option, please contact us. Our goal is to help you make meaningful connections to your granddaughter through unique handcrafted gifts.

Now that you’ve found a great gift for your little angel, check out How to Make Awesome Family Memories from Daily Moments for more ideas on connecting with your granddaughter on a deeper level. And Passing Down the Love has some great articles on sharing and preserving memories with your grandkids.

If you were blessed with a grandson, you can find great gifts for him as well in our article Top 5 Gifts for Your Grandson.

Anne from Kidderbug Kreations

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