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3 Easy Tasty Breakfast Ideas

3 Easy Tasty Breakfast Ideas

Several months ago I gave you some recipes for supper and snacks.  Now I thought I would give you my top 3 meals to start the day off right since breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Peach cobbler overnight oats-I actually don’t add in the almond or lemon extract nor do I add the honey to the mixture when blending it. I found that when I added the honey to the blender, it just went to the bottom and didn’t mix in anyway.  I just add some honey to the final mixture and pop it into the fridge overnight.  It is ready for me when I wake up and is very tasty.

Frozen yogurt granola cups– These are delicious and I eat them all the time.  So super easy to make.  I have learned it is better to use the silicon muffin cups to make it easier to remove them and they are reusable.  Since I am too impatient to wait for them to thaw, I pop them in the microwave for 15 seconds and they are perfect-still cold but not rock solid.

Chocolate chip banana bread– I looked for a long time to find a banana bread recipe that didn’t use white flour.  I can’t give up my chocolate completely and this recipe lets me still have some chocolate and tastes great.

Now that you have had a good breakfast, enjoy the rest of your day.


Kidderbug Kreations

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