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Handcrafted Gifts by Kidderbug Kreations

Finding meaningful, personalized gifts for people is always a struggle.  Trust me, I know.  I’ve been there.  I started Kidderbug Kreations because I wanted to create beautiful, useful items for people to give their loved ones that would be different from the mass-produced gifts you can buy anywhere.  I learned how to sew from my grandmother when I was young and picked up embroidering over the years, so I have always enjoyed making gifts for people.  Discovering new ways to use my skills to bring joy to others has been an incredible journey.

Because of my own experiences, I know just how meaningful a gift can be to someone going through a difficult time.  I lost four loved ones in four years, and during that time I found comfort in having something to hold that reminded me of them.  That is why I began creating memory pillows from those family members’ clothing – although it didn’t bring them back or erase the pain, it did provide comfort.

I also know how hard it can be to find the “perfect gift” for different occasions.  My hope is that I can help you find something special to give your loved ones, something that brings a smile to their faces and joy to your heart.  You know the moment I’m talking about – when a friend opens the present you got for her and you see her eyes light up, or when you give your nephew a gift and he squeals in excitement.  Maybe there is no such thing as the “perfect gift,” but I want to help you find that “perfect gift moment.”

– Anne from Kidderbug Kreations
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