Understanding the Love Language of Receiving Gifts

If the whole idea of receiving gifts as a love language makes your head spin and you’re wondering if they’re just being materialistic,

the answer is an emphatic No!!

To them, a perfect gift shows they are understood, cared for and prized above whatever was sacrificed to get the gift. They thrive on the love, thoughtfulness, and effort behind the gift. When they see what you lovingly picked out, they see the time you spent picking it out, the money that was earned to purchase it and the thoughtfulness you have wanting to see their reaction to that perfect gift. It’s a visible symbol of love.

Because it is such a message of love to the receiver, don’t get just any old gift. They aren’t interested in something you picked up at the last minute just to have a present in hand when you arrive at the party. They want one that reminds you of them.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant but does need to be tailored to them as an individual. What better way to show that than with a custom gift you have had handcrafted especially for them. Something that’s specifically made to match their interests and personality.

Still confused? Let’s consider your best friend’s baby shower coming up soon. You happen to remember she loves everything Harry Potter and you can think of 100’s of things she’ll need for the new baby. Of course, she would appreciate a car seat cover but imagine how she would beam from ear to ear and be over the moon with a 5-in-1 car seat Harry Potter cover. One that will not only be used to keep baby safe from germs and the elements in her car seat but can be used as a nursing cover, shopping cart cover and high chair cover as the child grows and also as an infinity scarf. See how you tailored the gift to her and her Potter fandom? You took the time to remember her interests and picked it out especially for her. That’s what she’s going to remember every time she uses her car seat cover.

You don’t need a formal holiday to give a gift. Make any day a holiday. Name it. Make it special. Have fun. How about “Just because I love you day” or “Celebrate your life day?”

How you present the gift is as important as the gift itself. Gift lovers are happy with spontaneous gifts but don’t get lazy with your gift giving and just throw the gift on the counter with “here’s your gift.” It’s not only about the physical item but rather about the excitement you have in giving it. Your gifts are visual representations of love and are greatly treasured.

It is the thought that counts, however, the object is a reminder of that thought every time it’s looked at, used and loved.

Gift Giving as Your Love Language

Maybe instead of having someone you love whose love language is receiving gifts, you are the gift giver extraordinaire!

Do you spend countless hours going over gift ideas and trying to find the perfect present for everyone you love?

If you emphatically raised your hand, your love language is gifting. For you, shopping isn’t a chore, it’s an art. When you see something “perfect” for someone, you can’t wait to see their reaction when they open it.

They’ll be SO EXCITED!! You’ll both squeal with delight.

Other signs your love language is gifting include the fact you not only have a closet for clothes but also one for gifts – just in case! You never know when you’ll need a baby gift or a “just because gift.” Boy Scouts have nothing on you. You’re prepared. When you hear about a new holiday, you’re over the moon. Yet every day is an opportunity to give. You’re the gifting superhero – always able to come up with great suggestions for fun gifts.

Sound like you? I am passionate about gifting the perfect gift and love helping you be the gift-giver extraordinaire. Contact me or head to the website at Kidderbug Kreations to find that “perfect gift.”


Understanding the Love Language of Receiving Gifts

When you want the perfect gift – the one that brings joy to your heart and a smile to their face – get your free gift guide!

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