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How to keep your sanity when traveling with kids

Back in the dark ages, when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I still had small children, we didn’t have the selection of electronics that are available now to entertain children on long road trips or plane rides.  We used other activities to keep them from annoying each other and constantly asking, “Are we there yet?”  Some of my favorite activities to do with them were singing children’s songs from the tapes we took along.  Yes I realize cars don’t utilize cassette tapes anymore but you can use your ipad, ipod, or cd’s or any other version of children’s music that your kids enjoy.  Music has so many benefits and this website has some great information about how beneficial music is to kids.  So not only are you passing time, you are helping their development at the same time.  Way to multitask mom!

We also used to do a game where we each took turns saying Hi my name is (and then use a name that started with A) and I live in (name a place that starts with A).  I sell (name something that starts with A).  Then the next person goes and fills in the items with B words and so on.  It was a bit tricky on some of the letters so then we would all help come up with an answer.  Again this was a multitasking game helping with the alphabet, taking turns, geography all while passing the time as well.

If these ideas aren’t enough to pass all the time you need to for your trip, check out these websites for activities.  Here is another one with 10 best car games for kids. This one has free printable travel games for kids.


Be sure to check out Kidderbug Kreations for some great activities to encourage imaginative play as well.  Enjoy the time you spend together on your trip even if it does seem chaotic.  These years pass quickly and some day you will look back on them and have your own favorite memories.


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