Give them more than just a gift. Give them a WOW moment.

What’s the best gift for people who have everything?

The person who has everything is impossible to shop for. They have all that they need and can buy whatever they want. We all know someone like this.

But I bet they don’t have embroidered toilet paper!

It’s unique and there are so many designs to choose from. It’s a pretty safe bet they won’t already have it and will chuckle when they open their present to find an actual roll of toilet paper with embroidery done directly on it.

At one of our shows, a mom bought one for each of her grown children and planned to put money inside each roll.

What a clever gift!

One lady bought several of the Hate My Job to give all her coworkers that year. She said everyone would love them.

The I Love You and Sweet Cheeks  are very popular around Valentine’s Day. Since paper is the traditional present for the first wedding anniversary, this also makes a cute gift for the love birds.

Seasonal designs are a great way to make your bathroom a bit more festive and are easy to store. The embroidery is done directly on the toilet paper, but you can unroll that part and store it in a plastic baggie until next year when you just re-roll it around a new roll of toilet paper. So much easier to store than worrying about the whole roll getting squished.

Need a teacher gift?

Give something they won’t get 10 of this year or already have 20 of when you gift a Teacher’s toilet paper. They’ll appreciate the humor and your thoughtfulness. Pair it with a gift card and make it extra special.

Our Sports toilet paper designs are some of our most popular. Any team name can be inserted, making it a unique custom gift that will surely elicit a chuckle.

Hunting widows get a kick out of the Hit This toilet paper and enjoy giving it to their hubbies.

Check out all the great designs available on our website, or contact me to “kreate” a custom design, and wipe the hard-to-find gifts off your list!

Anne from Kidderbug Kreations

When you want the perfect gift – the one that brings joy to your heart and a smile to their face – get your free gift guide!

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