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Supermom to the rescue

April showers bring May flowers.  Although the flowers make me sneeze, I am so happy to have May come around.  May is such a nice month.  Winter has finally gone (well hopefully anyway.  I do remember a blizzard on Mother’s Day one year but that’s another story).  Summer will soon be here and with summer comes travel.

This year we will be traveling to attend my daughter’s graduation from college.  Since we will be there for a while, I will need to remember to take several things.  I am a list maker, always have been.  Lists are great.  They help me remember those pesky little things that seem to otherwise be forgotten.  Now my husband on the other hand, packs the night before or the day of travel and has been known to forget shirts or socks for the trip.  Generally, I just jot my list of items that I don’t want to forget.  However, I found this great site that has tons of packing lists.  They have some for vacation, business and college.  They even have a customizable template, so you can put your own unique items in and then you can reuse it.  You don’t have to start from scratch with each trip.  What a gamechanger!

Enjoy every second of your summer and don’t waste time trying to remember all the things you need to take on your vacation.  If you have kids, be sure to look back at a previous post on saving your sanity while traveling with kids for some extra tips.  


Anne from Kidderbug Kreations

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