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5 Bereavement Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Show You Care

Losing a loved one leaves a hole in your heart as well as your arms. Having something to hold and hug when you can’t hug your loved one anymore helps ease the ache. Here are 5 bereavement gift ideas that will be hugged and cherished for years to come.

     Memory Shirt Pillow

Grieving pillows as they are sometimes called, are lovingly made using button-down shirts, t-shirts, or sweaters. For those wanting something to hold that’s made from the clothing of a loved one, custom memory pillows from shirts provide comfort and reassurance your family member is still near. They can be embroidered with a memorial verse of your choice to make it even more personalized. These are great memorial ideas for the loss of a father or grandfather.

Bereavement Gift Idea #2- Memory Bears

Another wonderful sympathy gift option for kids and adults are memory bears from clothing. Choose the style of bear you like the most and have it made from one shirt or a multitude of shirts for more of a patchwork look. Keep in mind however that if you choose T-shirts with writing already on them, it may be difficult to keep the entire design intact when the bear is created.

Custom Made Quilts

T-shirt quilts or jean quilts created with the clothing from your family member is a great way to recycle clothes and have a lasting memory item. The amount of clothing needed will vary depending on the pattern and size of the quilt you choose. Many people prefer a lap quilt so they can cuddle with it and of course, it’s less expensive than a bed-sized quilt. If you can afford it, get minky (a super soft fabric) as the backing for the extra snuggle factor. For more information on custom quilts, please contact Kidderbug Kreations.

Jean memorial quilt
T-shirt memoiral quilt

Sympathy Gift Ideas for Infant Loss

Every mother should have something to hold after a pregnancy. When she’s unable to hold her child here on Earth, a blanket or pillow can provide comfort and also acknowledges their child did exist and their tears are ok.

Christmas Ornaments

Personalized memorial ornaments are a great way to remember your loved one, especially during the holidays. The thought of celebrating that first Christmas after a death can be overwhelming. The poems embroidered on these ornaments remind us that even though our loved ones aren’t with us here on Earth, they are always in our hearts.

Hopefully, this provides some sympathy gift ideas to give comfort during a difficult time.  If you would like more resources on helping others after a loss, check out these other articles from Kidderbug Kreations.

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Please visit Kidderbug Kreations for other ways to celebrate the life of your loved one and keep their memories alive in your home. I extend my sympathies and prayers to all that have suffered a loss. May you find comfort and peace in remembering the love you shared.

Anne from Kidderbug Kreations

5 Bereavement Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Show You Care5 Bereavement Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Show You Care5 Bereavement Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Show You Care

Loving Through Loss: Resources for Grief Support

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